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by Duncan C. Mason

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Artwork in oils, acrylics, water color and digital drawings...stories, too.

Recent Work

One Evening at the Troubadour's Rest

("not quite, but almost, finished")

oil on wood panel
92x122 cm * 36x48 inches

Chris Squire, Jimi, John, George, David.

Wild Horses

oil on wood panel
76x92 cm * 30x36 inches

I had been reading about the wild horses that live on
Assateague Island off the coasts of Virginia & Maryland, USA.
At the time I was also fascinated by seahorses,
particularly the Leafy Seadragons of Australia.
So when I sat down at the easel: "Hey, why not!".

Circus of Heaven

oil on wood panel
76x92 cm * 30x36 "

Leafy Sea Dragons

acrylic on canvas
76x76 cm * 30x30"

Native to Australia, these astonishing creatures
grow to be up to 35 cm, 14 inches, in size.
Therefore, these images are larger than life size
to emphasize their amazing physical complexity.
Their lifestyle is to hide in the sea grasses pretending they are plants.


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Nature Paintings


Moss Garden, Japan
acrylic on canvas

Bright Spirit

digital drawing


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